RAKKAN Ramen specializes in authentic Japanese ramen made with a 100% plant-based broth. The name of the brand "RAKKAN" means optimistic, one of our driving motivations in order to deliver authentic Japanese ramen to the world.

Our Goals

It all started in 2011, when founder Ryohei Ito opened a small, four-seater ramen shop in Nishiazabu, Tokyo serving delicious, hot Japanese ramen. Ito spent many years prior traveling around the world as a chef on a cruise ship sponsored by Peace Boat, an NGO promoting peace, human rights, and sustainability. Through his experiences, Ito sees the importance of healthy and sustainable eating, particularly with how sustainable Japanese cuisine can be.

After expanding several units in Japan, Ito set his eyes globally to share authentic Japanese cuisine with the world. In 2017, RAKKAN Ramen expanded globally with our first global location in Los Angeles, California. Now, you can enjoy our delicious ramen from the comfort of your kitchen!